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This peer-reviewed App has been designed to support women to perform a regular programme of pelvic floor muscle exercises. The settings can be adjusted to match a personal exercise programme recommended by a specialist Physiotherapist.

As a physiotherapist, many of my patients have told me that they find it hard to remember to do their exercises. This innovative app supports women to complete their recommended exercise programme.

This App was recommended at my occupational therapy session and its fantastic. The reminders keep me on track and you can set it to your own pace. I would not be keeping up with my exercises without it. Absolutely recommend it.

Definately worth buying. Helps me remember my exercises, I can programme in what my physiotherapist has set me and I love the reminders, haven't missed any squeezes as yet.

This app is a great reminder when life is crazy to complete your pelvic floor exercises. Defiantly essential for anyone wanting to return to exercise after 6 weeks of a natural delivery, or those who needed assistance. I have recommended it to all my friends.

This is an excellent app. It helps with the exercises and reminds you regularly. The visuals are very appropriate and assist with the exercises. I've never been so persistent with pelvic floor exercise which every woman should do, especially as we age. Love this.

Not only acts as a reminder and alarm but most importantly for me it's an evidence record to show my physio.

This does what it says. For so long I just forget to do the pelvic floor exercises, but now at least they get done some of the time.

easy to use with clear instructions. great for pregnancy!

I have been using the app which I really like...I don't do them all every day but it certainly reminds me to do exercises more regularly so thank you.

Really useful App. Easy to use anywhere!

This is great. I'd never remember to do my exercises three times a day or for long enough without it. Worth every penny.

I thought I was doing my pelvic floor exercises correctly until I got this App and realised I wasn't! really useful for strengthening my pelvic floor after giving birth 4 weeks ago. I am hoping that by six weeks I will be able to go running without leakage thanks to this App.

It has changed my life simply put and is a lifestyle choice I will continue this daily forever as routine as brushing your teeth - ALL women should have this App. Thank you very much

My record of doing my exercises before this App was appalling and as a consequence I saw only slight improvement. Now I am doing them properley every day! Brilliant idea and worth every penny! (smiley)

Fab. this is a great app, well worth the money

Well worth the cost. I have a bladder prolapse and had a long period of physio. However, I lapsed and didn't do my exercises often enough - this has made a massive difference in making me do them, and do them effectively. Highly recommended.

Fab. excellent App.

must have app for pregnant ladies. Great idea!

Great App - I was rubbish at doing my exercises before I got this App. The little prompts are so helpful and I can already feel a difference!

Good value. This is great, I'd never remember to do my exercises three times a day or for long enough without it. Worth every penny

Excellent tool. Pelvic floor exercises are hard to remember to do but this app helps. I love the fact it has a vibrate & silent function so you can do them discretely if you need to. Superb

A must for every woman. Absolutely fantastic app. Really well designed, easy to use and does everything you want it do. Definitely worth every penny. Already feeling results after just a couple of weeks. Thanks NHS!

This app is excellent. It really makes me do my exercises regularly & has made a huge difference to my pelvic floor

Absolutely excellent app, does exactly what you need it to - reminding you to do your exercises and also you can change the settings so you can increase how long you hold each exercise. Fits perfectly with the guidance from my physio

really great app - this is proving a godsend in trying to recover from serious pelvic floor damage caused by two traumatic births. Much better than similar apps and very well designed. Thanks to the makers

great App! i got this app after having my 2nd baby and wanted something to tell me how and when to do my pelvic floor exercises, and to prompt me to do it. I've been really pleased with it and am recommending it to everyone - my mum, sisters, friends and clients who've just had babies. Since starting it I've found an improvement in my symptoms, and felt reassured that although it does take time to get better it will do. Thanks squeezy!

Just what i needed - This app gives me the reminders and instructions that I was looking for post partum. This timer is great for keeping me focussed as well. Thanks!

great app! - Does everything you need it to! I would never remember to do my pelvic floors without the reminders. So easy to use and effective.

Finally I'm doing the exercises and making some progress! Thank you to makers

Does the job! i bought this for use during pregnancy. My only concern pre-purchase was that it didn't say how many reminders could be set a day, turns out it more than you'd ever want. The standard exercises are a slow and fast version, with a balloon shape inflating and deflating to show you what you should be doing. Accompanying sounds/vibrations etc are optional and can be turned off. Great wee App, and takes the onus off me to remember to do the exercises!

Has finally made me do some pelvic floor exercises!

Works for me - After my twin pregnancy I found I didn't have the strength in my pelvic floor that I once had. This app has really helped with getting some control back. I wish I'd known about throughout my pregnancy too!

this App is excellent. It really makes me do my exercises regularly and has made a huge difference to my pelvic floor.

Handy App - Very helpful for reminding me

Great reminder. A great app for reminding you to do the exercises - allows you to personalise the exercises to fit your individual need.

Really great app.And it does exactly what it says on the tin! Simple yet very fficient, has helped me keep on track with my exercises. Would completely recommend.

superb! Super easy - great reminders. One suggestion would be the ability to click that an exercise has been completed if done "outside" of the app.

Very helpful app - no problem remembering to do the exercises now

Great way to remember to do pelvic exercises. I love this as it reminds me to do my exercises as after having a child I'm usually so busy I forget. great app

Much better than the freebie apps and it's not PINK! I was using one of the freebie apps but the sheer pinkness and the fact that the exercises weren't customisable was a problem. This app is much better. The interface doesn't look like it was designed by a 7 year old girl and you can gradually increase the number of exercises you do rather than it being fixed. The reminder system is good and persistent so you can't forget and encourages exercises 3 times a day at your own times.

So grateful for this app! really great app, I wasn't pleased about having to pay for an app for this kind of thing but I'm so glad I did. It's very well designed, very simple to use but very effective. It made me realise that I wasn't doing the exercises anywhere near as long as I should or as often as I should to be of any use. Can really feel the difference after just a week.

Superb app. fantastic app, really well designed, informative and easy to use. Great for exercise reminders and record keeping. I have found this app invaluable. Very reasonable price too.

Great design - really useful. This is a beautiful app, and is really effective at making sure I do my exercises. Before I just set a timer, but would often get distracted before completing a full set, or the reminder would go off when I was too busy to do anything. With this, I am walked through all the exercises, making sure I complete the full set every time, and with the snooze function, it doesn't matter if I miss the first reminder. A bit pricey, yes, but it's really well put together, and a small price to pay for sticking to the exercises.